Prices of birds...aka stealing from 4H members

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    A few days ago I took a four hole rabbit cage and placed out front with birds for sale in it. We also placed a for sale sign on it. Now we are advertising on BYC, Arkansas Poultry (yahoo), Backyard meet-up and Craig’s list. Yesterday I received a call from a man from Craig’s list. When he showed up, I recognized him. The same man that last year griped about the price of sweet potatoes and that a bushel weighed 50# not 40#. I was selling 40# BOXES not 50# BUSHELS. Anyway, he was interested in our trio of Buckeye Bantams. Currently we are the only ones in Arkansas with Buckeye Bantams (Jen let Jacob have hers). The pullets are pet quality, but the cockerel is show quality. I priced the trio at $20. Feed is expensive. This man offered $15. No grandkids. No youth involved. He wanted them for himself. I still have the trio, along with two younger pullets of pet quality.

    I shared with him what the cockerel may be worth, if we hold him till the fall show season. Yet, he offers almost nothing. We paid $2.50 each for 10 Buff Cornish chicks. Lost 5. Raised them and fed them for 4 months. Sold them for $4 each as I decided I did not like them enough to keep them. Don't think we made anything off of them. The Buckeye Bantams are Jacob's 4H project. Why do folks want to steal from 4H members?

    Why offer a ridiculously low price? Where is the common courtesy and fairness? Obviously we did not sell him the Buckeyes. Had it been a 4Her...well we would have worked something out. Jen was most generous to my children in helping us get started back in poultry. This we MUST remember and help others. But this fellow was cheap. VERY CHEAP!

    He even tried to give us a small flock of production reds...,.that he found on Craig’s list.... that were sick and had already lost several. Yea, I want a flock of sick/dead chickens! I explained we were NPIP and a closed flock. That we can only add from other NPIP flocks. Thankful we are NPIP!

    Why do people want to haggle over price? Do they go to Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Piggly Wiggly or the gas station and haggle? Yes, I will give you $1.98.9 a gallon for gas. Will you take $2 for that gallon of milk?
  2. If they offer a price too low, just tell them no sorry the price is firm. If they still keep pestering you, tell them to get lost. Last thing I need to deal with is a rude person comming to my property to purchase birds. If your going to try to chew me down, do it over the phone.
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    I have a friend who believes, when a private party is selling something, it never hurts to ask for a better price. But you must ask politely, being pushy or rude about it is not a opition.
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    Quote:YES. Believe me. They do haggle over prices.

    Were the buff cornish SQ?! Because daggum...I would have been ALL over those!
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    I see this at our fair as well. I'm a 4-Her, and had some top quality 2 month old Golden Sebright's for sale at the fair 2 yrs ago. I was new at showing, and didn't quite know their worth. I said, ''make offer'', but was hoping to get $5-6 at the very least for each of them. A man with no grandchildren who goes to shows and such, and knows the worth of birds offered me $2 a piece for them. I of course turned him down, you can't even buy hatchery chicks for that price, let alone show birds.
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    depending on the item and the people,I will offer less then asking price when I buy something..if I like the item enough I will give what they ask,or if I really want it or if I like the people..but if I am in a cheap mood,I say I will give you this much,they say "no" I start to walk away and they many times will take the offer before I make it to my car..I dont care what it cost you to raise or buy something,I care about what it takes out of my pocket..might sound cold hearted but is just the way it is..
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    Quote:YES. Believe me. They do haggle over prices.

    Were the buff cornish SQ?! Because daggum...I would have been ALL over those!

    Too much white in the tails. Thus why I sold them. Now the Buff Chanteclers were nice! May have some of them available next spring!

    As for the haggler....I had just told him what the Buckeye Bantam cockerel would be worth. I actually oplaced him with these pet quality to help sell them. I also told him taht these were Jacob's 4H project. Jacob went and got Jake, the Buckeye Bantam sire, and showed him what they look like fully matured. It was after all that, that the haggler made his offer. I think he was going to try and resell the birds. He bragged about picking up birds from Craigs list all over. I really wanted my extras to go to a 4Her or BYCEr but after a week we still had most of them.

    My point is, if it is a 4Her selling, you really hould not try to haggle. Especially when the price is so cheap. I saw bad birds at a flea market in Bebee, AR sell for more.
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    I pretty much over price everything I put on Craigslist because I know people are going to ask less. If I don't and people try to haggle I go up in price instead of down.... [​IMG]
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    Many people bargain over price; some don't. If you don' want to haggle, simply say, "sorry, the price is firm." In placing an ad, also make that stipulation. Or maybe state something like "best offer over $X by date/time will receive these birds" Basically set it up as a blind, silent auction [​IMG]

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