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    how much does pure RP, sweet grass, and BR eggs and poults go for? thanks for any help[​IMG]
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    The Red bourbon Poults will go for $8 to $10 each the Eggs I have seen eggs on Ebay for $20 for 6 then there's shipping cost it verys from were you are in the country and the amount to be had the harder to get the higher the price unless you mail order then there is a different range in price if its from a hatchery then shipping cost.
    There close in price and then you have breeders that sell from farms that would be higher for the most part than the Hatchery's.
    The sweet grass I would not know I only have Red bourbons.
    The feed store that I buy my supplies from said that they would buy my poults from me or sell them on consignment what ever works the best for me.
    They also said they would order my Poults for me but it was no difference in price then ordering from Cackle hatchery the Hatchery will send a few extra just in case some don't make it then you have more than you ordered that happened in my case but the store is more likely to give you the exact number you ordered and then sell the rest at an even more profit and the ones that did not make it to the store would be refunded as would you would if you took shipment and had a loss.

    Have you checked your local farm stores and feed stores to see if they carry them or would order them for you in the Spring.
    If you order from a Hatchery try to do it early a month or two before Spring and have them shipped when its not going to be really cold this will improve your chances of getting the full shipment alive I had mine shipped to me the first of April it was still very cool but not cold.
    When ordering from a Hatchery the minimum order is around 15 Poults that was around $125.00 with shipping plus they sent 2 extra.

    Then there's Craig's List to check to see if anyone in your area raises what you are looking for.

    Good Luck But be care full The Surgeon General has deemed Turkeys to be Addictive [​IMG]
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    You should be able to sell the poults without any trouble for anything less than $10, which is about what most hatcheries charge. So I agree with Frank that $8 a piece should be a comfortable price to move them. Eggs should be about half the price of the poults. You will know you are asking too little when you get requests for 50 ooults anbd you're only hatching 20 eggs. You will know you are asking too much if you only get 10 requests for 20 hatchlings. You may want to offer a few pre-sale poults to test the market.

    Start by advertising that bourbon reds will be available in 3 months and you are taking orders at $7 a piece and see what happens. The sweetgrass may or may not warrant an extra dollar or two. Around here, Royal Palms bring in the most, so I would definitely ask at least a dollar more than what you found works for the Bourbon reds.

    Last year I sold a few poults that were half Royal Palm and half calico. I only asked $4 each because I couldn't tell them apart for several weeks. I had requests for ten times as many birds as I hatched. People wanted Royal Palms like you wouldn't believe. Some even backed out when I told them that I couldn't guarantee that none would be calico. So this year I saved a pair of unrelated RPs just for making poults.
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    I have Royal Palms, they sell for $8 per poult here. I used to raise Sweetgrass. They were a bit more, like $10-$12 at a local breeder I went to.
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    I am currently selling White Holland poults for $10 each straight run at day old and have a waiting list going. The eggs sell for $20 a half dozen or $35 for a dozen. Hatcheries sell for $12 to 15 Each with a min. of 15 plus shipping and most do not have eggs available. That is in my area, yours might be different?
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    I think $12.00 a poult is a good price. $8.00 is kinda low. :/

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