pricing crochet or quilts? Please give me suggestions.


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The club will be selling some of the crochet work we did and that my mom did and donated to raise money for supplies. How do you guys go about pricing what you make? We will be listing a few of the small crochet baby blankets or lap blankets and possibly a couple of smaller quilts. They are all good quality done by either the advanced members, myself or my mom, nothing shoddy or unattractive. I was trying to look at Etsy but for a crochet blanket similar to one of ours the prices went from $5 to $75!
If you prefer to PM an answer or email me that is fine, I just really need ideas so the kids get the best prices they can for what we let go. My email is [email protected] if you want to email.
My thoughts would be the baby blankets and similar sized items should be in the 35-40 range and the quilts in the $65-75 range. Do you have any photos you can post? It also depends a lot on the community that will be purchasing them but these are a good starting range. Underpricing such as the $5 etsy items tells me that they take no pride in their work and I probably wouldn't purchase it, or make me wonder where the flaw is. $100 and up for smaller quilts tells me that maybe they are selling a lot of sentiment with their items. Quilting in particular can be trick though depending on if the quilt is hand tied/quilted or machine/freehand quilted. Generally speaking the machine quilted quilts will go for more money as will more contemporary designs but not always. If the community has an abundance of seniors the more traditional quilts could bring more money. I hope this helped a bit and if you want to email me pics I can try to help out some more. coveredbydesign at

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