Pricing Goslings: Buff and Grey Toulouse


9 Years
Mar 4, 2010
Bishop CA
I breed Buff and Grey Large Dewlap Toulouse, and I was wondering what to price them at? I sell eggs for $20 each. I can't sell goslings in my town because no one will pay more then $10 here for a gosling, they don't care if a goose is rare or not, it's just a goose to them. So far my 5 wk old buff geese are looking spectacular ( I need to take some photos) and I just hatched 5 more. 2 buff 3 grey. I am planning to take at least 3 of these to the Stockton show in Jan and sell them there. They will be about 7m old. How much should they be sold for? My greys could also be splits, but I don't think it would matter too much for price since you can't tell them from the normal greys without test breedings. They are all of Holderead's line, but not closely. They are grandchildren to Holderead's breeding birds.

There are pictures of the 2yr old parents in my signature. Thank you very much.

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