Pricing of Black Copper Marans


7 Years
Nov 8, 2012
I have a small flock of beatiful Black Copper Marans that I have selective choosen to meet breed standards. I had a dog attack this afternoon and the dog killed several hens and my pride and joy Rooster. The owner is willing to compensate me for my loss, however, I do not know how to price my loss.

I know no one in my area with quality stock. If I have to get hatching eggs or chicks in the spring then it would be several months of lost production. I have averaged a couple hundred dollars a month in sales and now with no rooster I will have zero.

Doe any one know where or if I can buy adults and have shipped?

What would adult rooster and hen of quality be valued at?

What to I claim for compensation if I can not get adult replacements? I just want to be in no worse position than when his dog escaped and killed my chickens. If I could just get adult replacements it would be a simple matter, if not is it unreasonable to ask for cost of hatchin eggs or chicks and the loss income while raise them to breeding age?????

Thank you for any input

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