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Sep 10, 2019
I have a poor little salmon favorell that recently injured her leg and all she does is hop around on the good one. She can eat and drink/get places fine. But can she make the winter. She has shown no signs of getting better and it's been a few weeks since this has happened :oops:
Don't give up on her. Not sure what her injury is/was, but if there is no infection, she probably has a good chance.
I had a rooster that lost both legs to a weasel. It was a bloody mess but he healed and learned to hop. Had a good long life too.
Wow! What a story!
Thank you. He was a wonderful boy- biggest roo I'd ever seen, and very friendly. He set the bar pretty high since he was my first rooster. But his success made it that much harder when I lost another chicken to what I thought to be a small injury.
I don't know the ins and outs of your current situation, but you might be surprised by the outcome.
Good luck to you and your bird.
I agree with WallyBirdie, as long as there is no infection, your bird should be fine. Animals are wonderfully adaptive. (And, I remember reading about the beloved roo in earlier posts).

I have a cochin bantam hen whose stricture wound initially seemed fine after surgery; over last winter, her leg started to draw up. She hops all over the place and is just as fast as her frizzle bantam sibling. One of my Salmon Favs injured her foot and lost the end of one of her toes; Celeste doesn't seem to miss it. And, I have a duck, who was eggbound and damaged the nerves in one leg. Paige has learned to use that leg to balance and "walks" pretty well on it.

One great thing about critters is that they don't feel sorry for themselves -- they just move on and live the best way they can. Best wishes for you and your Fav.
@LittleBigBantam , can you post some pictures of your bird and the injured leg/foot? A video might also help, to see how she is moving. You can post to youtube an put a link here so it can be seen.
Have you examined for a fracture or bumblefoot? Is there any swelling, redness, or things out of position?
This has good info on examining for a fracture:


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