Privett's or Belt's?


12 Years
Jan 18, 2008
We're getting ready to order another batch of chicks and were wondering if anyone has had any experience ordering from Belt Hatchery, in Fresno, Ca. Our last order came from Privett and although the Wayondottes all survived, we lost 90% of the bantys within the first two days. Two were DOA and despite our best efforts, the others never gained enough strength to pull out of their poor arrival condition. Privetts were no problem on a credit, but we didn't need another 30 bantams that it would have taken for a re-order. Belt is about the same distance away from us as Privett for shipping, so we were wondering how they might be to deal with and the vitality of their birds? Any comments would be appreciated.
I know you didn't ask about this hatchery, but have you considered using Cackle? They are absolutely wonderful, and they have a pretty nice selection as well. I'm not quite sure where they are out of, but I have nothing but good things to say about them.
we got all our chickens and two of the ducks from Privett last year and other than a mistake in sexing them I got 4 roo's in one breed LOL all of them are doing great - in the year we have had them we have lost 2 birds - one to a impacted crop, the other to ?? - both passed as adults.

I only live about an hour from Privett so dont know if that might have made a difference in the order- it still took them about 3 weeks to get my order filled and to me.

Looks like we'll probably go with Privett's again. I think overall they did a good job. Mixing the bantys and standards in the same shipping box was probably the problem last time. The little guys seemed to be pretty beat up when they got here. I haven't heard anything about Belt and Cackle does not have what we want. I'd rather order from as near a source as we can find. Our post office is served from a sort facility in Tucson (about 70 miles from us), so we get items a day later than usual out here. I talked to the post office about picking the chicks up in Tucson next time and they said it's a possibility. If, the shipper can put instructions on the mailing label to call me when the package gets to the sort facility, they said they would then call me. We'll see. Julie: good luck with the crazy neighbors. We have them too. An electric fence and a locked gate really helps with that problem.

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I plan on getting the bantam mix that Privett has to offer. I was pretty pleased with the babies I got from them - other than the roo mix up - when they sent me my babies I had 5 bantys and they were in the same box but had a devider to keep them from getting stepped on.

last year i order through are local feed store some dutch bantams. they order from privett. i was disapointed the color was all wrong. but i guess that is what i get from getting chicks from a hatchery.

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