Probably a very silly post


Jun 14, 2021
So I have a 8 week old pullet. I have noticed she has odd coloring on her....forehead? It is a dark red purple color. To me it looks abnormal/like something is wrong, but I also may just be paranoid.

Her actual eyes are fine, clear and good. She eats and drinks and does normal chicken stuff. No fighting with others or anything extraordinary to note. It doesn't bleed.

Maybe a weird molting thing/bald spot and that's just the color of her skin? Normal chicken stuffed lying? Deadly disease? Thoughts?

Has she run into any fencing to escape from another chicken? It looks like bruising which can be red, blue, or when older, green.
It is possible, I am not around her all the time so she could have run into something. Hopefully that's it and she is ok.

Right now its just her her hatchmate, they are in a temporary enclosure inside of our larger coop (can see the grown up chickens but don't interact unsupervised yet). Her hatch mate and her seem very friendly and almost never fight. But she still could've bonked something!

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