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  1. When I receive my chicks from the mail, is it advisable to give them Probiotics and/or Electrolytes in their water? Or only if they're weak and appear to need a boost? Can the mixture be refrigerated if not all is consumed within 24 hours? Thanks in advance...

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    Only mix what you will use in 24 hours. You will be changing their water that often anyways. Yes, I would give them both. Or you can give them fermented feed which is a natural source of probiotics, as well as making the actual feed easier to digest. Along with the electrolytes, you should give them an option for plain water also. By far, in addition to fermented feed, IMO the best product I can use for new chicks, no matter where you get them is Poultry Nutri-Drench. All my babies get that for the first week or so. I make my own electrolytes. You can also boost their immune system by giving them a plug of sod from your untreated lawn sometime within the first 2 weeks. I like to get my chicks eating their FF well, then introduce the sod.

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