Problem Roo (Teen Hormones?)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mylilchix, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. mylilchix

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    My 18 week old EE roo, Fluffyball, has become a problem. He is currently trying to "get busy" with every hen in the coop. I noticed it yesterday when I saw him on one of my RIR. This morning he was trying to mount one of my Faverolles, and then tried to grab her by the head feathers when she didn't want to cooperate. All of my chickens have been getting along great until this started!! [​IMG] Is there anything I can do to prevent his behavior? He's do to go to the processor in a week or 2 with 4 of his fellow roos and my CRx chicks.

    Thanks, Sonja
  2. irinuca

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    Jul 25, 2008
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    Funny you say that, I have Carlos (don't even ask where the name is coming from), around 20 weeks old EE, who recently started running after me every morning when I let them out. I don't like being attacked behind my back, and considering I have a 17 month old daughter, I decided he's becoming soup this weekend.
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    chix, sounds like raging hormones to me. They do calm down and get better with their mating skills.
  4. crtrlovr

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    Adolescence. It throws everyone or everything that goes through it for a loop for a while. He'll settle down and probably be a good roo. (if he gets to live that long) [​IMG]
  5. mylilchix

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    I think the thing I'm finding most disturbing about the whole thing is that this EE roo is named Fluffyball. When we got him we thought he was a she and my darling 4 y/o dd named him. He was cute fluffy in the early days and weeks. Now Fluffyball is romping around the run like some crazed maniac! His favorite target is our salmon faverolle named Hannah Montana. She is a diva chicken, and she does not want anything to do with Fluffyball. I just don't him to hurt her, she's a very pretty girl!


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