Problems with hatching chicks

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  1. glitteringangel

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    Feb 15, 2013
    Charente, France
    Hi, I hope someone can help me - we have had chickens now for about 9 months, but until now have not let any of our girl brood their eggs - we have a real mix of chickens, from white Sussex, Marans, batter hens, and some fantastic Sussex crosses that are huge and really beautiful - we have two cock's too, one White Sussex and one White Sussex crossed with a giant - he is stunning. Anyway my problem is this, the eggs that our White Sussex hen was brooding were a mixture from several of our chickens, one egg hatched and a nice yellow chick emerged 2 days ago, then about 8 hours later a second chick, this one much darker ginger colour, then the next morning I find the first yellow chick dead (think it was stood on by the hen), and another egg broken in half with a dead chick inside. Then this morning another egg broken in half with another chick dead inside - it's like they have tried to hatch but can't get out of the eggs - so this evening we went to check again and another egg was chirping loudly, so we decided to take a gamble and hatch the egg ourselves - we now have a yellow chick with dark stripes along it's back, it came from a Maran egg. The chick is very weak but vocal and is struggling to stand, so I have given it sugar water and put it in a box on it's own under the heat lamp - my question is this - any ideas why the eggs are breaking and the chicks not being able to get out and also any suggestions as to how to help the weak chick? There are two more eggs in the nest, so we have left them there to see if they hatch or not - we have taken the other strong chick out of the nest and it is also in a box with a lamp and eating and drinking well.
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    Im hatching chicks and this is my first time. It says that the chicks would hatch around 21 days in an incubator. It has been about 24 days and no chicks have shown a sign that they r alive. They moved the thermometer once but thats it. We did candeling and we could see them. I'm afraid they have ALL died. Do u know what i did rong????

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