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    Jan 24, 2011
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    So today we processed 63 chickens. It was my first day helping outside with the actual gutting and I think I did really well. We had 6 people there and we started at about 9:30 and were done by about 5pm. Not bad for so many.

    Out of those birds 57 were Cornish X and 6 were Gold Comet roosters. While the Comets weren't as meaty for the breasts they had more breast meat than I thought they would. Their legs and thighs were large but there was less breast meat on them. Still had breast meat just not as thick.

    I had my first bad Cornish X too. As I was cutting up one of the cleaned chickens into parts for the freezer I found a large green tumor in the breast meat. It looked kind of like asparagus but right inside the breast tissue. I threw out the breast because I wasn't sure if it was safe to eat. The tumor was about the size of half a dollar bill and it was on both sides of the breast spread through the breast bone.

    All in all a great day but now I am done. Tomorrow I will make stock from my necks and backs, can't wait to get that done.

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