Processed our 6 Meaties..Pic heavy *Graphic* Update:DINNER!

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    UPDATE in post #25..the first dinner!!! [​IMG]
    UPDATE in post #37: Final cost per bird per lb.

    After losing our other 3 to a predator, we decided to process our meat birds this weekend. We got two done Friday night, but it got too dark to finish, so we finished the other 4 this morning.
    First I have to say, my husband has decided I am quite scary, because I have way too much fun doing this. (I think it's because I'm better at it hehe.) To quote my husband this morning "Great...ONE more thing, you don't need ME for" [​IMG] He did a great job for a first timer in MHO!! I haven't done this since I was a kid...over 20 years since I've plucked and i've never culled or removed organs etc... so it was definitely an interesting experience and with the 6 under our belts..I'm excited for the next 25! Final dress weights were (3 roos, 3 hens) 6.6 lbs, 6.5 lbs 6.4 lbs, 6.2 lbs, 5.8 lbs and 5.4 lbs, at 7 weeks, 2 days old.

    So yes, here's our little picture story...

    Vodka and diet to get the party started:

    Hubby get all ready for the first chicken:

    He wanted to make sure I got the bucket in the picture:

    After the first bird got stuck because SOMEBODY cut the cone too small, and didn't believe wifey...SOMEONE over compensated lol, and made the cone really large, so the smallest hen slipped right thu. This is one of the birds, head removed, draining:

    Didn't have a very big pot, but this worked (had water to temp on the stove that I kept bringing out to keep this pot full, between birds:

    I decided to hose her off before I swished in the pot. After that first bird, I was more prepared, with a separate bucket with water & dish soap that I washed them off a bit in, before scalding them in the pot:
    MUCH easier

    Okay at this point... I wanted a little help lol

    What didn't get photographed here...after checking the feathers to see if they were coming out easily, I swished the chicken around in a tote filled with ice and water...
    ..then onto the plucking!

    Didn't take long till I was back in the game with the plucking... This is when hubby started commenting on how much fun I was having...It really CAN be fun !!

    My first plucked chicken (in over 20 years anyway!) Yay!!

    This one hubby had a hard time killing, so after this one I took over... This is the girl who ended up falling INTO the blood bucket after drained.... THAT was not quite pleasant...

    Our daughter came out to join the fun. Our son who has sworn he will never eat another chicken, holed up in the basement and avoided the party.

    Hubby's first time getting the insides out. He stopped, threw out the gloves, ran back inside to read the BYC sticky, and came out again with his game face on!! I was so proud!!

    Emmy and Tim working hard!

    OOhh ohh mom realized her hands were clean, since she'd washed up to use the camera, and grabbed her drink [​IMG] Hubby held up the neck at the last second. Sweet [​IMG]

    Getting the rest of those guts out:

    Everybody should walk around with a chicken on their hands, at LEAST once!

    This morning...all set up and ready to go again!

    Wifey took over the culling part...Everybody, including the chickens, were a little happier. GET IT!

    Hubby made me laugh as I used the pliers to pull some of the more stubborn feathers... THEN tells me it's abnormal to be so cheery when you're killin stuff. Nah!

    Had to use a knife to get the "last" of the feathers around the rear...but realized when I was packaging, that I still missed a few...

    And off to the fridge!!
    A funny note..the first couple we did had weird, multi-colored skin all over till I scrubbed it off...apparently the newsprint had transferred all over my chickens as i plucked them!!! Next time I'll be using poly, or old towels.

    So that was our first in two months!

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  2. Wow! Lots of good pics! It almost makes me want to try....almost.....

    I am supposed to be ordering 25 little meaties towards the end of next month and then planning on having a butchering "party" this fall...but we'll see. I'm due August 16th (c-section date of 39 weeks) but the baby may decide to come first. So we'll see. I really do want to raise our own meaties at some point.
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    Very interesting pictures ! Thanks for taking the time to take them, upload them and share them !!!

    Never seen it done before. I could watch, but when it comes to eating I think I would rather buy it from the store. That is just a little mentally too close to home for me ! LOL
    Good job on showing your hubby how its done though !
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    Great job!! We're getting ready to butcher this next week. First time for both of us and I'm a little apprehensive! Think I'll have an adult beverage or 10 handy too!!! [​IMG]

    Love all the pictures!!
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    nice job, and the finished product looks wonderful.
    turkey and diet for me on meatie field trip day.
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    Awesome pics and comments. Very reassuring to those of us who aspire one day to have some meaties of our own. You make it look like family fun time instead of stressful chicken killing time. Good for you guys!
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    Quote:You will certainly have your hands full!! Hopefully you'll have a lot of hands to help you..with baby AND meaties [​IMG] Congratulations!!

    It really was a lot of fun... the one upsetting experience for my daughter was when the smaller hen slid thru the cone into the blood bucket but she bucked up quick..she's a tough little girl... and well... oh..and when hubby dropped the knife in the blood bucket, and I had to fish it out....
    ...annnnnd when hubby explained he had left the crops and the esophagus in the first two chickens (he saw me removing them when we culled the next day and went [​IMG] oops!!)...and I had to take them out of the fridge, and remove those parts, despite rigor having set in [​IMG]...ah well, it all worked out in the end!!

    I feel lucky I was exposed to it enough when I was younger, so that I don't mind doing it now. Had I not been around it then...who knows if I could stomach it today. I always always always respect the animal (okay..except for an occasional walking around with a chicken carcass on my hand lol)...and I respect the process...but I try and have fun with it too.

    And of course...make sure to clean off now and then and have an adult beverage or three...or ...

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    First of all: You're one hot mama!
    Second of all: You had me CRACKING up!

    I enjoyed all of your photos. Glad to see the fam (well most of it!) joining in. You're a little crazy, but I like it! [​IMG]

    P.S.... you need to change your avatar now that you're a brunette!!
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    Yes, change your avatar. You are much prettier as a brunette.

    Great job, and awesome pics. Those were some incredible weights you got there. Where did you get the chicks from?

    Ive been skinning the ones Ive been doing, rather practising on, but I think Id like to try plucking a few. I think the Cornish X are the easiest to pluck. Ive processed a few young roos that were extras, for the puppies, and those black feathers just look just pluck.

    Anyway, great job, all of you did wonderful. And the results are gorgeous.

    Check back in when you cook the first one.
  10. [​IMG] Enjoyed your post!

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