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Mar 4, 2011
Jackson, NJ
I have been thinking of getting a couple of Meat Birds this spring, I already know I will not be able to processes them myself. I'll admit I just don't have it in me.

Does anybody in my area know of someone who will do processing??
I know where NOT to do the processing!

We just moved from NJ and I had some meaties in the summer. I processed some myself and then had about another dozen to do before we moved. I decided to try a processor and brought 4 roosters. It wasn't a great experience and we couldn't eat them because they STUNK of bleach and were still so filled with blood.

If you contact mame1616 over in the NJ thread, she may know someone now. We both commiserated about the place I went to and she said if she knew I was going there that she would have yelled at me not to!

Processing them yourself isn't so bad. If you do a ton of research on here, it's very helpful.

I'll send you a message where NOT to send them........
Process them yourself, many people say they couldnt do it, and then they do and find it is worth the effort and being able to process your own food is something everyone should know how to do. Just start with one. Good luck.
I guess I'll have to either keep looking for somebody or buck up and do it myself.. Got some time still to think about it. Thanks
If you're in a rural area, it would be easy to put a notice on Craigslist or some local ag bulletin, that you are looking for someone to process your chickens in exchange for them keeping a few. Lots and lots of people do it, they just dont advertise to do it.

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