Producing white egg sex links with a RIR roo?

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    Hi everyone. I have a pair of RIR roos that cover a flock of barred rock and delaware girls. This makes for great sex link chicks, but I want a little more egg variety. Does anyone know of a few chicks to order that can introduce a little white, or even green and dark brown. Any advice appreciated. The main sex link thread didn't help in this regard.
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    Are you wanting the offspring of the RIR roo to lay white eggs?

    You may never get pure white but more of a cream.
    I crossed a black penedesenca rooster (extremely dark eggs) with a white Minorca hen (white egg layer) and the result was a white bird with a couple black specks and a cream colored egg.
    You may get the same results with others like anconas, spanish or leghorns.
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    Leghorns will lay white eggs. Marans and Wellsummers will lay dark brown eggs. Easter Eggers and Ameraucanas will lay blue eggs.

    You not going to get white egg laying sex links from any of your birds since the gene(s) for brown egg coloring are dominate.
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    I think you will get more or less brown tint if you breed a RIR to a white egg breed. but not quite white.
    The general rule is that the eggs will be an intermediate color to what is expected in the two parent breeds.
    In fact, comercial white leghorns have a gene to "clean up" the tint. (But white leghorns are useless for color sexlinks)
    I'd get some California Grey or Production Black pullets - redily available, barred, white egg layers.
    You'll get sex links from your RIR rooster, which,I think, will lay much lighter, if not quite white, eggs.

    For sex links to lay a green egg ... if you could find some silver americauna

    For darker brown if you could find cuckoo Marans that actually lay darker than RIR you could try that
    or any extreme dark egg breed that has the S or B gene
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