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    I am hoping to get alot of post in this thread.

    Please review the products you own and list pros and cons. It will be easier on everyone to make there choice.

    I will do a couple

    GQF 1602N incubator: styrofoam incubator with no turner or fan. wafer thermostat. can be used as a hatcher.

    Pros: cheap, lightweight, holds about 50 standard chicken eggs, has 2 viewing windows, has 2 vent holes with plugs.

    cons: no turner or fan, bacteria can get in the crevises of the styrofoam, wafer has to be replaced once a year.

    BROWER top hatch: comes standard with fan and turner, Affordable (around $150 or less) has dishwasher safe. holds up to 50 standard chicken eggs

    Pros: comes with turner and stand, has large viewing window, 4 vent holes with plugs, had a great hatch (95% hatch rate), lights when its heating up, lightweight, made of plastic so its dishwasher safe and you cant get bacteria build up. no wafer thermostat

    cons: motor noise and the light constantly flashes. Thats it

    springfield digital hygrometer. white in color. shows temp and humidity in low or maximum readings.

    pros: pretty cheap and its accurate. comes with 8' probe

    no cons so far

    accurite digital hygrometer: shows temp and humidity at maximum or low readings

    pros: shows accurate readings and comes with 3' cord

    no cons so far.

    Please keep adding to this thread to help prople with what works or what to stay away from.

    Thank you
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