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    Hello i am caroline sharing a profile with my sister Allison. [​IMG] I'm not sure what kind of breeds are production breeds? Can anyone type the name of some of the production breeds that they know of?

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    Quote:Hi Caroline and Allison! It's nice to see some younger member participating on the forum. A few common names that I know of for production reds are: Golden Buffs, Cinnimon Queens, and Golden Comets, and there are many more. Some are simply called "red sex links", as that is exactly what they are. Most are a small size hen, with redish color feathers on the body, and typically some white on the tail.

    Here is a picture of mine.

    Not a great picture, but gives you an idea of what they look like.

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    The most common known production "breed" is the Production Red then there are the Sex-Links that can come in Black or Red.
    I will say that most breeds that you will get from a hatchery can be considered a "Production Breed" because they bred more for productivity and quantity rather than quality...


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