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  1. I am a livestock nutritionist by training and profession and have worked a very little in the commercial poultry industry as a supplier. The various threads asking about making your own "cornish rocks" have shown the lack of knowledge of the highly competitive and technical breeding of production broilers. As some have said the term "cornish rock" is generic and noe longer relates to a simple F1 cross of a Cornish male and a White Rock female.

    The following links will lead you to the major broiler breeders in the USA. These companies hatch MILLIONS of birds each year and have bred the different lines to meet specific needs of the industry and broiler producers. The margins in the broiler industry are very tight and an seemingly insignificant change in feed converion of one "point" or 0.01 can impact income by millions of dollars.

    I hope the links help you understand what broiler breeders are providing to the commercial broiler industry.

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    I appreciate this insight on the industry.

    Thanks [​IMG]!


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