Production red cockerel raping my sebright


Jun 5, 2019

So my 18 week old production red cockerel, is a horndog. I have 3 pullets at the same age. He prefers one, which as far as I can tell, is not ready, since he chases her and pretty much forces himself on her. I have i intervened a few times, but not every time. She is not laying yet. I got my first fairy egg this morning, from my Delaware that he grew up with that he won't touch.

the barred rock that he favors was bought a week before him. My sebright is probably a week older than him.

I have caught him a few times raping my golden sebright. she screeches and screams and I have taken him off of her, but usually as you all know, It doesn't last long, so I am usually too late.

he is 4 times bigger than her and I love her and don't want any broken bones. Has this happened to anyone else? I feel really bad about my poor sebright and don't want her to get hurt. Other than forcing himself in my ladiea, he does his job as a boy, so I don't know what his deal is. He has 3 girls to mate with, but why my poor old tiny sebright?

Sounds like you need to either separate the cockerel or the Sebright.
She's a bantam and tiny, so she's an easy target. You may want set a separate space for her and get a couple of more bantams to keep her company.

He's only 18wks old, he likely will not calm down until he's a year old, maybe more.

What his deal is, he's young, full of hormones and doesn't have any control at this time.
With only 2 large fowl pullets, he will probably overbreed them, he may not be touching the Delaware right now, but more than likely that's coming.

Just my 2¢

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