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    Dec 14, 2010
    Hi all. I haven't been on in awhile dealing with 3 new biddies.

    I have production red hens that are crossed with a black tail buff maran. I know my hens aren't likely to go broody, but I understand Marans do. Out of a first try in a friends bator, I have 3 chicks which I believe are 2 boys and one girl. I don't know for sure about the sex link properties of such a cross, but 2 are more gray underneath while the 3rd is more fawn underneath, and obviously a far cry from the yellow and tan of straight RIR or production reds. As for the gray, the proud papa also has a lot of gray in his undercoat, but the biddies all have dark legs so far, unlike either parent.

    My question has to do with broodiness. My production red hens are not likely broodies, so any thoughts on the chicks? Can I expect a little broodiness to show up, or is this still a no-go? I would like a broody hen instead of depending on a bator, but I will make do for now. Also, for the first try in the bator, I used eggs from my best layer. She lays a dark brown speckled egg of consistent size every day. If I want a few good layers, will she pass on those genetics mixed with that of the father's line?

    Currently I have more eggs in my friends bator, looking to stock for a late winter harvest.

    Another interesting thought. My friend washes all of his eggs incessantly, or at least used to. After the first run, 8 of the 12 eggs I had in there were at some stage of hatching until his young son got to playing with the bator. I got 3 surviving chicks after 110+ in the bator, 2 of which I actually helped out of the shells (only because of aforementioned tinkering and not wanting 1 lonely chick). My friends eggs on the other hand, showed no signs of development at all. After 24 days, only yolks. All his chickens are from the same batch as mine, only difference is my rooster was bought separately. Does this sound like a sterile rooster? The only other difference is him washing the eggs. Would that affect development that significantly?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. draye

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    Nov 30, 2010
    No sex linkage in this cross.

    As far as broodiness goes, expect the unexpected. I say this because between my brother , my dad and myself we have had just about 6 different breeds go broody on us, and they were not suppose to be broody. Red sex Links were the worst about trying to set.

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