Production Reds or Rhode Island Reds?


Mar 11, 2010
I asked what breed these guys were a few weeks ago and people seemed to think they were either production reds or rhode island reds. Now that they are a bit bigger I'm wondering which of those two breeds they resemble more (or if you think they are an entirely different breed)?
I got them from Ideal as extra males and they are now three weeks old.
This one has more of a pattern in his wings

And this one's wings are more solid red


Here they are together
To be clearer, a production red is what most hatcheries sell as RIR. It is a long discussion. There is a thread here about heritage, traditional RIR. It is virtually impossible to get such a bird from a hatchery or feed store bin.
doubt it matters to you. They will likely be friendly, wonderful, great laying birds.
So what exactly do they breed to get the production reds? According to ideal (where they came from) a production red is a new hampshire red an rhode island red cross. But do thy breed a new hampshire with rhode island to get the production, or is it through generations of breeding rhode island red X new Hampshire hybrids to each other?

Ideal sells the production reds and rhode island reds, so I was wondering what the difference would be between their hatchery rhode islands and their production reds?

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