Professionally Designed Egg Carton Labels

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    Apr 15, 2010
    Professionally Designed Egg Carton Labels

    I am a full time web designer and full time mom for my 2 baby girls and 20 chickens. I love being a mom and love being a website and graphics designer. When I started to sell my tasty organic eggs, I looked all over the internet and could not find quality labels available. If I did find any, they were very plain and very unattractive – nothing I would ever buy to represent my eggs. So, I just decided to design my own professional-looking egg carton labels, and I'm now offering them to anyone who would like to use them for their eggs; to sell in a natural food store or at their local farmers market, or to give as gifts to close family and friends. My labels can also be used for canning jars, promoting your business, sealing envelopes, etc.

    All labels are completely customizable. Every aspect of the label can be personalized - fonts, colors, images, etc. You can use photos of actual chickens, farms, eggs, or whatever you want. You can find free clipart in Microsoft Word or on the internet (please, make sure it is free). Or, you can leave the customization up to me - I love creating what my customer envisions in their own mind. The artwork, in the sample labels seen on this page are also available at no extra charge. All colors, and anatomical parts, can be changed in these images to reflect a certain breed - feather color, eye color, leg color, egg color, comb and wattle size and shape, etc. Label graphics and text are guaranteed to be straight and aligned correctly. I will not accept crooked or offset labels, and you shouldn't either!

    If interested, please provide the following information:

    1. Premade or Custom Label (Label Size and Quantity; Full-Color or Standard)
    2. Title (Curved or Straight; Color; Font; Location of Title)
    3. Image (Premade Image, Custom Image, or Your Own Image; Location of Image)
    4. Additional Text (Font; Color; Location of Text)
    5. Additional Specifications.

    Latest Comments: "I completely love it!"; "Perfect!!"; "Great Job!"; "Perfect, thanks!"; Beautiful!", "WONDERFUL", "cute labels!!, "excellent job". "looks great"...


    CLICK HERE for more information.

    I also provide web design and logo services.

    Thanks for looking!

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