Profiles 'n' stuff... need profile ideas? Come Here! Or adverstise your favourite rp!


6 Years
May 13, 2013
Entering the world of Equestria.
Welcome to my profiles thread! Do you need ideas for a character profile for an rp you want to join? maybe you want somewhere to advertise your rp! you can do all that right here!

need a character? simply copy the profile requirements list from the rp you want to join, then paste it in the reply box! you can fill in the spaces you want, then i can complete it for you! or you can leave the requirements empty, and get a randomly-generated character!

want to advertise an rp you like or host? you can do that right here! you can include the title of the rp, the link, the current number of pages and/or posts, and what you think makes your rp awesome!

You can also host votes here! if you want people to vote on your rp's or threads, include the things in the above paragraph, and welcome your members to vote!

Can't keep track of the characters you have in other rp's? You can also store them HERE! simply copy in the profile of the character and the rp it is from, and there you go!

have more ideas about what this thread could do? tell me! this thread is here to make role-playing simpler. and as always... HAVE FUN!!!
DELETED (sorry) it was kind of a dumb question

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