Progress on tamin my lil chickies

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  1. Foleys

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    May 12, 2010
    So I went out there today like I have been every day sense we built their run and coop(3 days ago) with a few pieces of bread and sat down on a piece of cardboard to relax and try to get them more used to me. Yesterday they started to eat it out of my hands and then today I put a few pieces on my leg and to my suprise they jumped right on my leg and ate it. [​IMG] I was soooo happy to see some more progress. But still one out of the 4 is refusing to even come close to me. Ushually I feel bad so Ill through her a few little pieces so she will not feel left out. But then I think am I defeating the purpose by giving her, her treat with out nothing in return. Should I just not give her any until she comes close to me? Cause if I dont she just looks at me with them lil eyes of her like she is thinkin"what abouts me?"Even out adult roo is making more progress then she is. we have had him a shorter amout of time then her.
    Another thing can flys hurt them??? it seem everyday it they are getting worse. [​IMG]
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    That's good! Great progress. The little shy hen could remain shy....sometimes they're just like that. But, keep on doing what you're doing.....ya never know.

    I am not sure, but maybe you could hang a few of those fly strips around........

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