Project BLUE BARRED bantam Cochin pair...will ship.

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    5 month old pair. The rooster is a gorgeous 2 tone blue color with lots of barring in his hackles and tail. However, his comb has too many points (for showing), but is fine for a project breeding bird. The hen is currently laying and has a nice stocky type with a good cushion. Her comb has a bend in it, but nothing that is concerning for breeding. I've been very reluctant to let this pair go (that's why they're as "old" as they are LOL), but winter is approaching and I need to downsize and consolidate. [​IMG] This is a PROJECT pair due to the fact that the barring pattern in the blue variety still needs to be refined a little more. This is a young pair and will improve even more in type and pattern with age.

    Express shipping is available and cost is dependent on destination zip code and weight. Buyer is also responsible for the purchase of a new shipping box (, which is $32 for this pair.

    Any questions, please ask. Thanks for looking!

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    Quote:They are beautiful! Makes me want to start another project! [​IMG]

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