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Feb 27, 2010
Foothills of NC
This is for 6 eggs from my Chocolate bantam cochin project. I have been working on these for almost two years, just haven't rushed it and thought it was time to share a few. These are F1-2's, (mom was already an F1 chocolate). Eggs will be F2-3's in the project depending on how you look at it. Cockerel is gold/brown, pullets are black. Hatching some offspring myself and they are hatching brown and black, though some may get additional coloring as these were created using an outcross. All have feathered legs/toes and working on yellow leg coloring.

Please do not use this auction as a place to bash or argue about the coloring, call them what you will (chocolate-brown-dun) but I do know they were produced using a chocolate bird. They are beautiful birds and would make a great addition for anyone who loves the color!

This is an auction, please do not PM bid just do so in a reply. Thank you for looking!!

I DO NOT and WILL NOT guarantee shipped eggs for reasons beyond my control, USPS handling, weather during shipping and/or your incubation techniques. If you do not agree please do not bid!! Eggs are kept at a mild room temperature and turned daily. Every effort is made to pack eggs securely for safe arrival to your location. Eggs are shipped USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. I am NPIP and AI Clean. **Please email with any questions BEFORE bidding.** Shipping only to the lower 48 United States.

*Auction ENDED!! at 8 pm EST. Shipping will be $12 USPS Priority w/ delivery confirmation.*

Added a picture of the egg size for those interested. It is the MIDDLE egg. Same size as most of my bantam orpingtons and cochins.
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Beautiful birds!!! If they were LF, I'd be all over it!! Good job and good luck on your project...I'm sure you'll have LOTS of interest!!! :)
Did you use orpingtons in this project?? I keep coming back to look at your pics...just love these birds...don't know how they'd fit in to my extremely LARGE fowled flock!! :)
OMG!!!!!! What eye candy!

These are awesome! I just LOVE CHOCOLATE anything! That rooster actually looks like its' Khaki over Chocolate! How awesome is that!!!!!

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