Project ideas needed for 6yo girls!

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Eggs4Sale, Dec 8, 2010.

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    Jun 29, 2009
    There is this Girl Scout troop that has the great misfortune (idiocy?) to have me as their leader. The girls are 6, can mostly not read (ok, one girl can read), have very limited motor skills (sewing, making a God's-eye out of yarn, and putting those foam magnet kits together without the turkey's scarf and gobbler being upside-down are not possible), poor ability to come up with original ideas (if I give an example, they ALL do it, if I ask "What does a policeman do?" they will ALL say "They get bad guys", but in 12 different ways that all mean "They get bad guys", and when they paint, it takes it 4 hours minimum to dry because they seem to want to insulate the item.
    Coming up with project ideas is tough, because it has to be easy but not TOO easy.

    So, for project ideas:

    1. I need something for Christmas that is easy for them AND me. All items should ideally be able to be found from here to my car.

    2. I have been collecting seed catalogs and some pages from magazines for a cut and paste, decoupage-type project, but I'm not coming up with the PERFECT idea. I don't think they'd get the idea of decoupage, honestly, or making a picture out of pictures.

    3. Any tried-and-true games that are easy to catch on to? The ones I have found on the girl scout website have all failed miserably.

    Anyone want to be an assistant leader???
  2. PineappleMama

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    You can buy CHEAP puzzles at a $1 store... give the girls a small donut of poster board and have them glue said puzzle pieces to it.

    YOU spray paint the "wreaths" green.

    YOU take a picture of each girl... print it out.

    BREAK... enough to dry OR until next week...

    Girls then get glitter glue, or glitter AND glue, and can add 'berries' of gold or red... whatever you've got.

    Then have the girls attach their photograph to the Wreath (from the back)

    They can add a loop of ribbon, but honestly YOU hot gluing it will last longer.

    Tadaa... lovely ornament to give Mom, Dad, Grandparents... etc.

    We have these on our tree... from when DD went through Kinder and when niece KK lived with us and did.

    Later we adapted the idea... get cheapo frames and add "bunches of holly" in the corners... same idea but not circular.

    Fairly easy for adults AND kids... nice result... and holiday orientated without being overly religious just in case someone gets their knickers in a twist.

    DS was a Scout... DD wants to be a Girl Scout, but she thinks that GS do the exact same camping, fishing, hiking, Rifle and Shotguc campouts as BS... just ain't so. And since the Scoutmaster won't allow girls (though some troops are) we just do our best at home with the learning and crafting to mix the two... being a Room Mom, PTA member, Board Member, and Tiger Cubs Leader... Oh Yeah... plenty of idears... but this is a favorite.

    Good luck... I about went INSANE when I was the TC leader... most the boys were also on my YMCA soccer team... 12 or so boys... inside a CHURCH... supposed to be QUIET and do crafts... yeah... not a great idear... we played a lot of soccer, dodgeball, etc. to say the least. Got their badges, OCD that way, but in the least painful way.

    Hope that idea helps... at least maybe can inspire a good idea.

    And WTG for being the willing parent... between scouts, PTA, RMing, and coaching Y I've seen SO many that just don't give a fig... always warms my day to see one that cares!!
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    Jun 29, 2009
    Quote:HA!! That made me laugh!

    Do you have a picture I could see? I always find out I visualized totally wayyyyyy off. I'd love to see the ones your kids made.

    As for the feel-good part, THANK YOU, PineappleMama! That felt good to hear! We don't hear that very often, as you surely know.
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    Mar 27, 2010
    San Diego, CA
    "Canon" has some really cool printable papercraft projects. Some are pretty simple and they look really nice. I was planning to do these with my daughter for christmas this year. You can choose from a lot of different themes, animals, science, holidays etc. Here is the link, hope it's helpful!
  5. PineappleMama

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    Well they're currently on the tree... IF I can get my POS camera to work I'll try to upload some...

    Come to think of it... might be on Google... lemme see what I can do.

    Edit... well shoot fire that was easy... there are a lot of examples... some cuties with buttons... but basically THIS...


    And then glue the pic of the kiddo, OR NOT, from the back...
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  6. Eggs4Sale

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    Jun 29, 2009
    That is COOL! Way nicer than I imagined! Thanks!
  7. PineappleMama

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    Glad to help... been stumped for ideas a time or two myself!

    Whatever you do, do NOT order the Santa's House craft from oriental trading...
  8. Eggs4Sale

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    Jun 29, 2009
    Quote:Saved that site to my favorites bar, thanks! I see some great Mother's Day ideas! (and every OTHER day, WOW!)
  9. Eggs4Sale

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    Jun 29, 2009
    Quote:I'm anti-Oriental Trading Company, but thanks for the heads up!
  10. Sooner

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    Mar 22, 2009
    Pack O Fun was a great mag for simple crafts when I was a leader, I also had several websites I used back then, I will have to see if I can find some of them.

    Game (credit to one of my now 4H kids) 2 chairs & bag of oreo's, the kids sit in the chair with head tilted back looking at the cieling, put an oreo on their forheads & without using their hands work it down & into their mouths. The kids had alot of fun with it.

    Here is on site I can remember:'

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