Project Silkie Roosters (Split Lav) and a Blue Silkie Rooster

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    Sep 19, 2007
    I have 3 Silkie Roosters for Sale. They are from a fairly well know breeder. 2 are supposed to be split for Lavender, and 1 is just blue. One of the splits has gold leaking, the other split is quite good (but may have a pinch of Silver leaking, hard to tell one day I see some the next I don't). Both have correct toes. The Blue has no color leaking, but does have an extra toenail on one foot. I'd like $10 for the split with gold leaking, $25 for the nicer split one, and $10 for the blue. I'm negotiable though. They are all penned together and getting along. Would be good for pets or someone looking to work on a project.

    Local PU in western Pa or can ship at buyers expense plus $12.00 for a box. DO NOT HIT BUY IT NOW, just email.


    Split with Gold Leaking


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