prolapse vent?

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    I was out of town for a week, came back tonight and noticed two of my younger hens beating up my favorite silk hen. When I rescued her I noticed that she had poop pasted all down her backside. Took her into the barn and cleaned her up as much as I can without making her very uncomfortable, but I am worried she has a prolapsed vent? Obviously this is several days old, so what can I do for her at this point? I am putting her into a spare stall in the horse barn for a while to let her recover from the beating she took (all her feathers were ripped out), but is it vent prolapse? Or just pasty butt? [​IMG]
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    Keeping the vent clean with a warm epsom salts bath daily would help. First though, honey or Preparation H ointment should be applied to the prolapse, and try to push it back in. The longer they stay out, the pink tissue will dry out and die. Placing her in darkness 16 hours a day or by covering her cage make her stop laying in a couple of days, to let the vent heal. Here is some info:

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