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May 18, 2008
One of my laying hens prolapsed a month ago...I saw the oviduct?? (about a thumb-sized organ) hanging out and bloody. I removed her from pen so as to avoid other's eviscerating her..and at daughters(who is long distance vet) suggestion, used ky jelly to ease it back in. It kept coming out. Vet suggested the best would be for me to sew it as to allow poop to exit. This was something I wasn't up to. She then said if I could HOLD it in for about 4 days (with hen in a position that gravity would help) might stay in:) put her in cage in heated porch and this organ proceeded to rot..and smell...horribly.. All during this the hen was eating and acting normally. about 10?days later the thing fell off...odor mitigated..hen didn't die...and she's been out with the flock for 2 weeks..all normal??? All along , my daughter said she assumed the chicken would get an infection and die BUT to remember that picture and story of the chicken with his HEAD cut off that lived quite some time!!!! one never can tell... Now, I am quite frankly waiting to see....does the body stop producing eggs??? Meanwhile the hen is happily enjoying being with her flock~
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Jun 4, 2009
If the oviduct is gone it's not likely you will see any eggs from her as hens only have one active ovary. I had a hen that laid her first egg Christmas day, she was prolapsed and the egg was stuck. We had to break the egg to remove it from her. She laid a very soft "unfinished" egg the next day. She has healed up great and is back out running with the flock, but she has never laid again and I suspect she never will. She's become our 'pet' chicken as she's as lovely black and white EE. I would have loved to have eggs from her to hatch.

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