Prolapsed chick? I think it will make it!

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    Feb 9, 2015
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    Hatched out 10 bresse chicks in my janoel24 incubator over the weekend.. everything went well other than the humidity getting a little high over night day 21.. still had a few eggs hatching.. one baby chick hatched out kind of slow but eventually made it out fine, seemed to be normal. I checked on progress an hr later and that little guys yolk sac and some other stuff was hanging out all of a sudden.. the yolk sac was punctured and I thought it was over for sure for him.. I kept him in the incubator with food and water until he started chirping like crazy and running around all over the incubator.. he seemed very weak. His belly and rear area were caked up with the dried yolk and a little blood so I cleaned him off good with warm water and q tips..I would have sworn some of the stuff hanging out of his belly was some of his/her intestine..I moved him to the brooder with the rest of the chicks which turned out not to be a good idea. He was being picked on quite a bit by some of the other chicks that had gotten all their strength back and now much bigger than he is. He was extremely weak all day yesterday, he would walk around with his eyes closed shut, I seriously considered culling the lil guy. I checked on the chicks last night before bed and he still clinched his eyes closed and was very weak looking but i observed him pecking at the floor. Eating a little food. So I decided to leave him til morning. well, it's been almost 3 whole days and he has drawn up everything except for the intestine looking stuff that is dried up now and shriveled.. his eyes are opened up some and he seems alert.. moving around chirping non stop.. eating.. still haven't seen him drink water. It I'm sure he's drinking if he's still alive and getting stronger.. if he makes it..WOW!! I tried not to mess with him too much. I cleaned him up good so he could be Comfortable and just let him work.. anyone have any experiences like this? I gave some Sav a chick in their water..

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