Prolapsed Female Part On Young Pitbull.... How?( Kinda Gross)


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Mar 3, 2009
What causes a young, unbred female dog to get a Prolapsed Vagina?

She is at the vet now repairing the prolapse and spaying her... I have worked with and owned animals for my entire life and have never seen an animal do this.... I can't find much on the net ( actually I have'nt found squat).. So anyone heard of this ? Theories? The vet we go to does'nt really explain anything, his response was sometimes it happens...
Wow ! If that was his response, you need to find another vet.

When my animals need a vet, he needs to be able to answer my questions. I don't pay astronimical vet bills to hear, "Sometimes it happens."

I would think it is a weakness she was born with. I would have to really look to see if it is a breed problem or not.

Lucky dog has good owners who are taking care of her.
Honestly my vet is awesome.. He has been doing this for over 40 years and doesnt charge on office fee, only charges for meds or treatments , he has treated her for Demodex Mange for under $100 and is doing the spay and repair for $42. He is so popular that folks come from three states to see him... so i don't mind that he's kinda quick get in get out... He also sees hundreds of animals a day and does 40 to 50 surgeries a night...
Have you tried searching for "vaginal hyperplasia"? It is the same thing.
We see several a year at the clinic I'm at and your doc is right, sometimes it just happens when young, intact female dogs experience a heat cycle.
My friend had a bulldogs that she kept together, a brother and sister. The male bred with the spayed female prfusely and ended up causing her parts to be external. Not sure what to say for your girl though. Sorry, hope someone can help!
A prolapsed vagina is fairly common in young females during their first heat period. Generally speaking, the tissues may be replaced by digitally returning the vagina to its natural position. As the extrogen levels reduce at the end of the heat cycle the tissues will reduce in size and remain in place. A prolapse is generally caused by a surge in hormones. Obviously, spaying your dog will prevent future episodes.
yes,she is probably coming into heat,and its a good idea to spay her because she will probably do it everytime,and it could cause a really nasty deathly infection..
Awesome thanks for the advice folks was just kinda shocked.. I just had'nt heard of this... I wasn't really suprised when it happened as I expected to have some health issues with her due to the neglect she suffered before I got her....
well,this problem has nothing to do with stated before,it is something she was born with.but you are doing the right thing for her ..

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