prolapsed oviduct or vent post-vet care

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    Hello everyone,

    I had one of my spring partridge silkie hens begin laying this week and she prolapsed badly. I got a late start to day the and found her with the egg still attached with much of her insides hanging out with the egg. I gently removed the egg with the help of water so that nothing tore and brought her to a vet who was 1 hour's drive away because she agreed to work with chickens (this is a hard thing to find in my area!). The vet had to put her under anesthesia, clean everything really good and put things back into place. Baytril and ivermectin were given to fight off infection and bugs. $265 later, I brought her home and set up a pen for her in my husbands office (what a sweetheart-it's the only option indoor our tiny home), but she prolapsed later that night after going poop (on a Friday night when only emergency places are open!). I called my local vet and neighbor who agreed to help me after listening to me sobbing on the phone. She decided to do a purse string suture to keep everything in place, which is working great! Little Cocoa can poop without blowingout and is eating and drinking. Here is the problem: I'm keeping her in the office with all the blinds drawn, it is pretty much dark 24 hrs, to try to prevent her from laying while she is on the mend. Is there any form of chicken birth control out there that won't interfere with the Baytril antibiotics? I would consider spaying, but the chicken vet said it was difficult to do. Birth control would be an easier option. Thanks everyone for your helpful advice. Any tips on preventing future prolapses would also be greatly appreciated!

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    I replied on your other posting. I think the term "birth control" is confusing some people. I don't think there is anything....and hardly think keeping her in the dark the rest of her life would make for a good life.

    Did your vet suggest any type of drug that can given to the hen to prevent her from laying any more eggs?

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