Prolapsed Vent?


5 Years
Feb 22, 2017
Chesterfield, VA
It looks pretty bad.

I bathed her and cleaned her off as best as I could. Some of the yellowish white, hardened/dried material simply will not come off without me feeling like I'm pulling her intestines out. (The pics are before the bath").

I applied hydrocortizone cream, pushed the vent back in (she pooped a very little when I did this), and then sprayed on Vertericyn.

My first time with any of this. She is separated in a dark space with electrolyte water.
Yep that's a prolapse,
I did the same thing you did when my white cochin had this, I have to say it takes a few days of pushing it back in and even when it stayed n for a day or two, I still sprayed the Vertericyn on for a day or so after just to make sure. Once a chicken gets it, it is likely to happen again and it has, again, once for my girl but not since. It is luckily a very curable issue, your doing it right! Just keep at it, prayers to you and your girl!:hugs

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