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    Okay - here's what I got this morning in my mail box and thought I'd share the wealth! These codes can be entered online in the "coupon / promotional code" area if you shop online. Most are offering Free Shipping to boot! Cant find most of these deals in the stores, they are online -uless you get the special sign-ups (Childrens is a members club coupon and JCP you have to sign up for, you can print the JCP one for in-store use if you can get the email sent to you). [​IMG] (but why would you want to drive and waste gas if you can get them shipped to your door anyway?)

    Kohl's - 15% off + free shipping - code: YOUR15EXTRA (21-22 Nov)

    JCP *2 codes here* - $10.00 off a $25.00 purchase - code: JCP - for free shipping on orders over $49.00 - code: GIVETHX (this code is good thru 25 Nov) and yes, you can use more than 1 code. [​IMG]

    Children's Place - 15% off code: X28KJV5R2C8 on all purchases thru 7 Dec 08

    Limoges Jewelry (I love this place!) - 20% off + Free Shipping - code: GIFT21

    Hope it helps someone - I know they help me a ton!

    Have a great day today!
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    ohh those are nice..
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    Thank You....

    I passed them along to my daughters!!!
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    Awesome! Thanks!

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