Proposed new chicken breed


Orpingtons Mom

14 Years
Jun 4, 2009
Fredericksb'g/Culpeper VA
I think we need to start a new chicken breed. It's name should be something like, Contentment. Or Happy. The really nice thing is it could be ANY established chicken breed. So, the name could be, Orpington H or Cochin H.

The objective of this breed characteristic would be to encourage *additional* happiness and bliss from our/your pet chickens, and to make it harder for anyone to eat them.

This would be their predominate characteristic:


Yes, you've got it. A chicken whose mouth/beak curves UP and not down.

Now for those of you with a more scientific bent, I believe we could obtain this using CRISPER Cas9 ($120 or so?) Here's a song that will explain more than you ever wanted to know:

So? What do you think?
I don't think the beak should curve up. It will be too hard for chicks to eat when they hatch. Chicks may not even be able to get themselves out of the egg. And even if you get them to adult hood, people may not even get them because they may look wrong. I do how ever like the idea of a new breed, just not with the beak.

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