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    Jul 14, 2015
    So we noticed that some of our chickens have has it bad he has egg sacks on his shaft of his feathers. I has this dust stuff I got from tractor supply and poultry protector but they were out of the dust stuff so I picked up seven dust but I torn....i have read and heard that it is bad for the chickens....and it says how dangerous it is to animals so why would u use it in the coop or on your chickens? What is the beat solution to ridding my chickens of this infestation

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    Sevin dust can cause cancer but many of us have used it over the years without a problem. I usually recommend permethrin nowadays, and you can find it in liquid concentrate form at TSC under brand names like Permectrin and other names. The lice treatment must be repeated every 10 days to get the eggs as they hatch, and it helps to replace the bedding in coops or nests, along with spraying the empty coop. You may want to look over these articles with pictures, and read about lice.

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