Protective turkey


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Mar 18, 2018
My female turkey has been protective of my 1 year old fights off roosters sits next to him and never leaves his side. Recently she's started poofing up like our male turkey but when ever anything gets near my son. She only lets humans near him I was wondering if the poofing up is a protective instinct.
It is not uncommon for a hen turkey to display just like toms do. She seems to have claimed your child as her own. The displaying can be a protective stance or it can be just because she is agitated.

The thing to remember is that one should never allow a one year old near animals or birds without extremely close supervision of the child. Everything can be going very well and instantaneously harm can come to the child by a very simple act in this case such as a misplaced peck. While you may not think that could happen, it can and does happen in the blink of an eye.

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