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Apr 27, 2010
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I'm trying to fine tune my chicken grain recipe. I want to built a hammer mill, and either build or buy a pellet machine and make my own feed. I like to know what goes into my critters

But, I was wondering, in your personal opinion, whats the best protein percentages for:
Chick grower
Retired birds

One recipe (soy free) I put together ended up having 24.4% protein. Just a wee bit much
I think I'm going to stick with having corn in my chicken feed, but no soy.

After I get my chicken recipe down pat, it's onto rabbit, mouse/rat, and possibly horse and dog. I'm going to be pulling a bunch of rabbits I've been meaning to process out of the freezer for their livers as well. Hoping it goes over well with the chickens
I like a little 10% non GMO organic corn in my mix...

Plenty of other things to lower protein too.. Oats, millet are two that come to mind..

I sort of aim for around 20% Some times it is a bit lower 17% ish when they get seasonal fruit or vegetables. . I get anxious with pullets when they are near to laying and also this time of year when they want to slow down and the free range bugs are not as plentiful, and I bump their protein up a couple percent. You 24 sounds a bit high.. If it were me I would drop it to something less.

I think the "standards" are
Chick grower 20%- 22%
Pullets 17%
Layers 17%
Retired birds less than 17%
Show birds/Breeders 20%

IMO nothing wrong with pullets and layers getting 20%..

Ohhh they are going to love those livers!!!

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