protien % in treats??

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    When feeding treats, I always look at the crude protein % and purchase the highest % I can find.. I love the special blend bird seed--it was listed as 16%, BOSS, and organic oats from our farm..... I am also feeding them several collards a day...but don't can't find any protein list for it...

    Any one else have a list of high protien treats to feed? Thank you for any and all suggestions..
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    Here are some more ideas for healthy treats--you can make your own "scratch" with stuff from a bulk food store (usually health food), and include cracked peas, hard red wheat, sunflower seeds, flax etc... Mine LOVE fine shredded mozzarella cheese (it is high fat, so don't feed too much). Washed cottage cheese, yogurt mixed with crumble, low salt fish. My cat is very ill and a finicky eater, so all his "rejects" (very expensive cat food) go to the chickens. Greens are very low in calories, so I wouldn't worry about the nutritional makeup, just give them what they will eat. When they get full, they will move on...And carbs are fine in moderation, just keep them in check--such as corn, rice, whole wheat bread etc...
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    The USDA National Nutrient Database can be used to look up protein content of foods.

    As an example: raw collard greens are 2.45 grams/100 grams. So, that's 2.5% crude protein.

    BTW - raw cabbage has just about one-half the protein of collards. Iceberg lettuce has even less.


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