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    Just wanted to share some pics of my 3 four week old Bantams & our coop.
    Today I put some wire fencing around the coop for the outdoor run. It isnt covered so
    it will be for short runs. When the coop door is open it is fastened back to create a wall
    of the run. so it stays open until I call in the girls, & shut it up for the night.
    The chicks aren't out there yet. It is still fairly cold here in Australia atm. They are in
    their box with the lamp still. I'll see how they go at 6 weeks.

    Here is our gorgeous coop & run. Chicks are having a look

    Here are the lovely sweet. One of the black ones has wry neck but not very serious.
    I purchased some chicken vitamins today. Ive already mixed them with their feed. See how
    she responds to it.

    Cant wait for them to go into the big coop!![​IMG][​IMG]
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    Aug 15, 2011
    My Own Realm!!!
    Enjoy Them! They are adorable![​IMG]
  3. chic-a-deee

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    Thanks Silky!!
    I also got a beautiful boy today about 12months old from our local animal welfare group. RSPCA
    They said they've never heard him crow but 5 mins at home with us & there he went, crowing at the top of his lungs!!! [​IMG]
    Hope the neighbours dont complain !!! [​IMG]

    His name is Rocky & he lets u pick him up & put him on your lap for a long petting session, so sweet. Everyone at the RSPCA
    was sad to see him leave.
    Isn't he gorgeous!!!
    We've had lots of rain recently & the yard is very soggy. I hope this will be ok for him? Im thinking about putting down lots of
    sand to keep feet dry??? you can see in the foreground the puddles of water
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    Jun 4, 2011
    So very cute! And you yourself a handsome fella, too!
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    Apr 21, 2011
    it doesn't really matter too much about the mud/puddles. You may want to put a cover over the run (like some kind of mesh) to keep hawks and other animals out. It acts as a second defense and especially with young hildren it would be hard to lose one of the little ones. Its just a suggestion. Maybe you could take it off when you guys are in with the chickens, but when you are not, keep the cover on.

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