Proud of my girls!!!

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    Jan 8, 2012
    A quick history..

    Never owned a chicken in my life till about 10 days ago. Wife/son wanted some so I built a coop/run over last few weeks. It was my personal decision that I did not want to raise chickens and wait forever for them to produce eggs. I searched my local craigslist for established birds

    Found a lady selling "RIR's", approx 8 months old. Well what I ended up with was 4 red sex links and one RIR (RIR is much younger than the rest and gets picked on)

    I brought them home and I guess we all learned together. I can't tell you how much I have learned about chickens and chicken behavior. Right off the bat I got an egg, first afternoon, Over the first week I would get one egg, two, three, one, three, etc....

    Ever since I started the whole home chicken idea I wanted a couple Barred-rock's. Just like the way they look and read nothing but good stuff about egg laying capability and temperament. So Saturday I found another Cl special and went and got 2. I introduced them to the flock when I got them home, and what a mistake that was....UFC/MMA hen fight. They figured it out eventually and are actually coexisting just fine. They have laid eggs every day since Saturday

    Over the past 10 or so days I have watched these birds change and learn. First night, they tried to fly out of run at dusk. Only 3 made it into coop. Second night, same thing. 3rd night, I physically put them in coop, but they slept on floor, 4th night I had to put them on the roost by hand...Now on night 10 they all go into coop at dusk, and fly up on their own. Now all I have to do is close coop door, change water, rake out run, fill feed for next day, scatter a bit of scratch..In the mornings I just need to go pop the door open and let them out!!! It has really been fun watching them learn and me learning myself

    A couple days ago I started getting a good consistent 5 eggs a day. Out of the two, I knew which 2 were not laying. My RIR (Ester) and my youngest RSL (Scarlett)

    Now Sophia(most mature RSL) breaks out into egg song just after I let them out in the mornings and goes until she lays, which is pretty early. Usually by 8AM
    I had to leave kinda early today and she was wide open cackling when I left. When I got home around 11, I went to clean coop and picked up three eggs, and 2 more hens were sitting. I let them be as I had other stuff to do around house. After a few minutes I heard the egg song very loud(Sophia is so far the only one who is really vocal). I found it weird b/c I knew Sophia had already laid. I walked over and saw the 2 that were in coop earlier out in the run...Only one not accounted for was my baby girl Scarlett. She probably went on for an hour and finally came out. I walked in, opened up coop and was greeted by three more eggs, total of 6 today from 7 birds!! Guess my Scarlett made it fine with her first egg. It is very small in size comparison to the others(bottom)

    Sorry to be long winded, but I have really enjoyed this experience. I have raised a ton of dogs in my life, and a kid so far to the age of 8, and this is just as exciting.

    Some good food, a clean coop, fresh water, nice snacks and they are happy as can be and producing well for me!



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    Isnt it fun? Did you ever think that a few chickens could provide so much entertainment, not to mention food?

    Chicken TV. The best.
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    Hey Allen,

    Loved your story. I can so relate. When my chickens began laying, I was so proud of their efforts that I bragged to everyone on my little flock of chooks. Like you, I wanted to get more mature birds rather than chicks, and I got my first ones from CL.

    You would think I laid the eggs myself.....

    Keeping chickens is so great and so expressed it well. I have sex-link BPRs and recent addition of an Ideal 236 and a yet-to-start laying Easter Egger.

    Congratulations of your success with your chickens in such a short time.
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    May 2, 2011
    gotta love the silly little peeps [​IMG]
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    Jan 26, 2012
    Largo, FL

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    Aug 15, 2011
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    i thought my co-worker was crazy when she'd say "there's nothing like coming home and having your chicks run to greet you." how right she was! omg i just love it. [​IMG] it is the most relaxing thing in the world to pull up a stool and hang out in the run with the girls. it has been funny to watch them figure out where to lay their eggs, and to see who needs to sing the laying song, and who quietly sits and lays. i have 2 that will squawk loudly when someone else is in the box - they are so impatient and won't go somewhere else. in the beginning, they would lay on the floor of the coop, or in the garage (i have a rather unique set-up where they can go in the garage to a small enclosed area to get out of the wind, since there can be a wind-tunnel through the coop). once i put a golf ball in the milk crate which is in the garage, it seems that is the favorite spot. i'm glad they chose that spot, because during the really cold days (minus temps to the single digits) the eggs are more protected and haven't frozen. i have a day job [​IMG] (dang it...) so i'm gone from 8:30 am to 5 pm. i've worried about the girls during these short, bitter cold days, because i can't get home early enough to close the coop door, so a couple of them do have some frostbite spots on their combs. even with short (cold) days, these girls are laying eggs like mad :) i am so-o happy, and i love my girls. i can't wait until the ground is unfrozen and not covered with snow/ice, so they can finally get some grass and other greens and bugs. i've learned so much about life from having chickens. and reading alice walker's book "the chicken chronicles" has been an affirmation that i am not the only crazy chicken-lady [​IMG]
  7. i love raising chickens and have trained them to go in the coop at nigth and come when i call them for their feed. its so fun!! all u have to do is call them like '' here chick chick chick" for a few times while walking to the coop with feed and in the beginning you really gotta try hard to get them in but after awhile its too easy! and cute!
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    Jan 8, 2012
    It is so funny, when they see me they run like crazy to greet me. Thinking seriously about letting a few of them out of the run maybe next week or so and run around the yard. I am sure I can get them back in the pen with my blue bowl of goodies they have learned to recognize. Just hesitant, afraid they will run off and I'll never catch them
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    Apr 29, 2011
    Loved your post! Chicken TV is the best.

  10. I think you are coming down with a case of chicken fever. Sorry, it's an addiction and there is not a cure. Best you can hope for is that you don't find someone to teach you chicken math!! Come on over to the Florida thread and introduce yourself to some locals. It's under forums, social, where am I where are you, Florida. We can help!! .....stan

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