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Mar 25, 2018
Hatboro Pa
I just came in from a visit with the flock and found my first two eggs!!!!!! They are on wire in a coop that is six feet long and two feet deep, i have 12 hen and two roos
together. I have a couple questions, how long can the eggs stay out of the refrigerator? do they even need to be refrigerated? Is it safe to say that the rest will start to lay regularly pretty soon, they are all the same age. The last question is, at what point can i assume the eggs are fertile? Even though the roos are in with the hen that doesn't guarantee that the hen was bred does it?? Any help to the above questions would be helpful, feel free to ad any other tidbits you may want to add on anything else!!!!
Generally 24 hours after they mate, they are potentially fertile. They stay fertile for a while as well. It is not a one egg to one mating event situation. If those are the first two eggs the ladies have ever laid, there is a lower chance they are fertile, just since they are the first eggs ever and sometimes the ladies need time to get going.

The ladies that laid those should keep laying regularly now. The other ladies should hopefully start soon.

They can stay out in room temp (50-70) degrees for about a week before they start to lose fertility. For eating, you can treat them like any fresh egg. A lot of people dont refrigerate their chicken eggs. Quail are the same. AS LONG AS YOU DONT WASH THEM.
Hah! that's funny, mine started laying the same day yours did, and laid two eggs as well. now i have one hen that lays one egg a day with the others pitching in occasionally. they are delicious!
I've had a range between 5.5 weeks of age to about 10 weeks of age to begin laying for hens. Most by 9 weeks of age, however. I have 24 hens. I get 15-20 eggs a day. We refrigerate any eggs that we do not intend to hatch. They keep for a few weeks in the fridge. If I save any to pickle them, it may take a week or so to gather enough for a few jars.
mine hatched on new years day. That is very handy in determining how old they are. so about three months. i think the reason they laid eggs so much later then expected, because i have no artificial lighting
that is so cute that yours hatched on valentines day!

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