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    Sep 2, 2014
    I knew the day would eventually girls graduated on Monday. We finally got the girls moved out of the brooder and into the coop at 15 weeks old.
    They spent last Friday thru Sunday locked in the coop to ensure they knew it was their new home. First night i had to put all6 on the roost. By night one still was on it...but when i shined a flashlight on the roost 2 of them flew up to only 4 had to have encouragement. Bu 3rd night 5 of 6 where roosting before dark!
    So Monday morning we let the automatic door open...and just watched...after 30 min of heads poking out the door, my wife climbed in the coop and helped push them out while i got them from the run side and put them on the ground. Fast forward to sunset.....i went out and sat in the run with them just to watch what they would do. Several came up to hopped on my leg and buried her head in the armpit of my fleece jacket and was content to roost right there. I kept waiting for them to go in the coop...and they were getting vocal and nervous the closer to dark it got. So in the end...i grabbed one and shoved her fluffy butt thru the door....and soon the others hopped up on the ramp and crowded the one by one i shoved butts in. They all tried to turn and come back out so i shoved my head in the door to block them all! Lol.....and all finally got on the roost and settled down soon after.
    And then...last night....i assumed i would have to go back down there and repeat this procedure for next 5 days or so...but figured i would wait until after dark this time to see how many stayed out and missed the door (it shuts 15 min after it is actually dark). I walked outside after i knew the coop door was shut...shined my flashlight in the run...door is shut....and ALL of the girls had made it into the coop on their own...and 5 of 6 were already roosting! They graduated!
    The loan girl who was not roosting...i figured out why she is always on the floor...i watched her when i put her on the roost. She never likes her instead of hopping down and picking another one (plenty of roost space)...she climbs on the backs of others...who then squawk and buck her off and down she goes to the
    And for 6 birds I gave them about 7ft of roost space...for now they all like to cram in on only about 3.5ft if it.....really tightly.
    love them to death...and glad to see them spreading their wings...both literally and figuratively!!

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