Psychic Cactus!!

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    Mar 11, 2009
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    As my husband and I pondered pros and cons to where the hen house should go, I wanted it under the lemon and orange trees for easy access, wind block and it was the best option in our limited yard, he wanted to rip out the cactus briar and put it there. I told him that was a ton of horrid work that would never get done in time. I love the hubby, but he talks more than he delivers. Two days later a wind storm blew down the tallest and heaviest cactus (around 20' tall) taking out everything in it's path including several other cacti and a dead agave that woodpeckers were roosting in last summer (they're gone now). SO....after four trailer full trips to the compost dump, a lot of hard work, one regrettably injured friend who fell in the cactus briar while helping, one stump removal, plus one more trip to go, a huge area is now cleared out for our coop and run. It's already framed on three sides by the enormous planter box, so it's halfway predator proofed, there are landfill boulders in there for them to sit on and file their beaks on and the space is bigger than was available under the lemon and orange trees!!
    Just sharing my run of luck!! Somehow the cactus knew what he wanted and made the decision for us!
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    Perfect timing! I'm glad it worked out for you & your hubby.

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