Puffed hen and gnarly poop

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    I went to check on my ladies during evening rounds, after all were roosted, and saw this poop under one of my hens on the roost (confirmed by "leftover" mess on her bum fluff). She is slightly puffed but alert and responsive. I've never seen a poop like this in my coop before. It's hard because they've been stuck inside for a while now that the weather has been so frigid. They have clean water and fresh food and a radiant heat spot to warm up near. Any advice would be very appreciated!! I don't want to treat for an ailment until I have an idea of the cause (worming vs antibiotic etc). [​IMG]
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    Antibiotics are no longer found in feed stores since the end of 2016. Corid a treatment for coccidiosis is usually available. You didn't mention your hen's age, but coccidiosis is common, and symptoms can include sleepiness, hunched or puffed up posture, poor appetite, and runny droppings with mucus or blood. I would either treat with Corid for 5 days, or take some fresh droppings in to your vet for a fecal test. They also will check for worms. Let us know if you need dosages. In the meantime, give her clean water with some electrolytes and vitamins, or gatorade or pedialyte.
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