Puffed Hen -stomach Feels Bloated

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    Jul 2, 2010
    My Hen Puffed Yesterday Without Much Movement, She Ate Quite A Bit Of Yogurt And Gave Her Some Cider Water. Thought She Had Hard Stool Clogging Her But Found It Was Below Her Vent. Soaked With A Warm Wet Cloth Which She Seemed Content With. Today I Wasnt Here- Had A "chicken Sitter" And She Said "mcnary"
    Sat On A Heating Pad For Close To An Hour Had Hard Poo On Her Again And Ate Very Little. I Dont Know If Shes Eggbound Her Stomach Feels So Full And The Chickens Have All Slowed Down Laying. Any Help Is Appreciated. Thanks

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    Can't say how but have you checked her vent for a stuck egg? I think I would need help to hold the chick and look untill I got the hang of it? One thing in your chicken vet bag is lube to unstick veriouse things. If feathers are getting pooped up keeping them slicked up should help.
    Ruth where are you?
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    I'm afraid I'm not quite following the story as to what exactly is wrong. If I'm getting it right - it is a hen and she is puffed up under the vent. The don't really have stomachs so that can't be "so full". If she is bloated under the vent and has what feels like a water balloon under her body, between her legs, under the vent - hanging down - you can insert a syringe/needle in the "bag" and see if you can draw out fluid and if so, what color is it? I had a hen that would bloat from ascites (water filled) and I could drain her about every three months and she would be fine. It was always clear water and she still laid eggs. I haven't had to drain her in several months now. However, they can also be internal layers and/or egg bound. Internal laying has no cure - the yolks build up inside the bird until it kills them (sorry) - eggbound can be "helped" by soaking in warm water and possibly lubricating a finger and seeing if you can feel an egg lodged in the vent. The question is - when did she last lay an egg?

    If there is a squishy bag hanging down I would start by trying to draw out some fluid and see what color it is. Internal layers often have a very dark/black fluid which if drained off can give her some comfort. It won't heal her but will make her more comfortable until nature takes its course. If it's clear fluid it could be acites due to a number of reasons and like my hen, she could live for years with an occasional draining. Drain until the bag is empty. Once you've poked a few holes in her, she will probably drip/drain on her own for a bit.

    I hope this helps.

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