Puffed up 6 week old pullet doing lots better

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    I cannot find my original message, but wanted to post this in case it would help someone else.

    I had a 5 1/2 week old pullet who started staying puffed up last Tuesday. She would just go off by herself and stand there all puffed up, with her head resting back on her shoulders. She barely ate, but she would drink water if I put her beak into it. She got weaker and weaker over the next few days, was very lethargic. Another strange behavior she had was that she would come up to me, which was odd for her, and it was like she was asking for help. Her poops look normal, I think.

    I have my chickens in my bathroom (still....working on the coop, but it is not ready yet). So, during the day I would close her up in the shower stall in the brooder box with a few inches of pine shavings. It has been chilly lately, so I put the light on that I used when they were new and shined it into her box. I gave her Start & Grow & added a little warm water to it, which she liked eating. She also had a container of fresh water. Then I just left her alone during the day. I wanted all of her energy to go into getting well. The other chicks were running around in the rest of the bathroom. I protected her from all other stress, including that of being handled, pestered by children and dogs, noise, etc.

    The first day she cried and peeped for the others a lot, but then she got over that and just rested.

    At night I would remove the food and water and put all the chicks back in the box with her and turn out the light. They would all snuggle up and go to sleep.

    On Wednesday she tried to fly out of the brooder box with the other girls, but couldn't make it. She was less puffed up than before.

    This morning (Thursday) she is hardly puffed up at all, is holding her head up better and is eating a lot. She even took a dust bath in the pine shavings. I think she may be ready to hang with the rest of the hens tomorrow.

    I have no idea what was wrong with her, but I was afraid I was going to lose her. I am so happy that she made it!

    So, I just wanted to share what I did in case it can help someone else.
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    Thanks for sharing and glad to hear she is recovering!!
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    So glad to hear she is doing better.[​IMG]

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