Puffed up air filled chest in a chick

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    Hello all. Ihave a bantam cochin baby who is about 4 or 5 weeks old and i just noticed a couple days ago her chest is super puffed up and filled with air (like a tiny balloon) the spot is off to the side a bit so i dont think its her crop. The spot is also mostly bald...They have been drinking the savachick probiotics and electrolyte mix since we got them... From what ive read she may be injured? Is there anything worth doing for her or will she likely need to be culled eventually.
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    Can you post some photos of her?
    Is she having any difficulty breathing?

    The crop is on the right side of a chicken, so it is located somewhat off to the side. Sometimes in chicks that spot can be bald until they feather out.
    I'm not doubting you, just trying to help determine if indeed this is a ruptured air sac or what you are seeing is a very full crop.

    Look forward to your pictures.
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    This is totally normal. A lot of chicks get it, but I forgot what it’s called. It’s just a bump that would go away. Don’t stress on it, but update us on how she’s doing if there’s anything unusual she’s doing.

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