puffed up peahen and pullet


Free Ranging
14 Years
Jan 26, 2007
central Ohio
Oh, great. Sweetpea our peahen has been walking around the barn, puffed up with her feathers out. She acts distressed. I can't tell if she's broody, trying to lay an egg, egg bound, or sick. We have had some other birds with illness over the past few weeks. All have recovered, with the aid of Baytril and/ or Denagard. Their symptoms have all been different though! Also, Muffin, our Ameraucana pullet, is acting in a similar way to Sweetpea.. She is puffed up, acting distressed, sitting on a box in the barn. Once again, I can't tell if she's trying to lay, egg bound, or sick. She is just now reaching laying age. Actually, Sweetpea probably is too.

Tweety, our Silkie rooster, has had some extremely strange symptoms. Entirely different than anyone elses. I did not think he had an infection, but he has been on the verge of dying and last night I decided to try Baytril as a last resort, and he is much improved this morning.

Does anyone have any suggestions about my peahen and pullet? My immediate reaction is to just leave them alone for a while today, and see how they are later on this afternoon....

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